What is Tuckpointing?

Tuckpointing Newcastle – What is Tuckpointing?

The Brick Tuckpointing method used by Tuckpointing Newcastle includes using two different colours of mortar to fill in mortar joints of brickwork. (Traditional method uses mortar between the joint and lime putty for the “Tuck” line) One of the two colours used for Tuckpointing is made to match the actual bricks so that it blends in and creates a seamless appearance. The second colour is different and usually contrasting, and is used for the actual appearance of mortar joints (generally white or off-white) By sandwiching the alternate colour between the brick-coloured mortars it creates the illusion that mortar joints are very fine as opposed to thick. Tuckpointing Newcastle uses several different methods to ensure the best result for each individual project.

Tuckpointing was invented in England near the late eighteenth century. It was derived in order to imitate the appearance of rubbed brick, a more expensive building material that quickly gained popularity during this time. Homeowners looking to copy the appearance of high-end rubbed bricks turned to Tuckpointing as a way to achieve the appearance without spending as this incredibly labour-intensive process. The process was also used to cleverly hide irregularities that were inherent in early bricks. New methods in brick making in Australia in the mid-1940’s that allowed bricks to be formed with far less irregularities resulted in the disappearance of Tuckpointing to new homes around that time. Our industry now almost solely services the restoration of previously Tuckpointed brickwork, constructed prior to the mid-1940’s. When you require your home in Newcastle or the Maitland area Tuckpointed, re-pointed or for general brickwork restoration, call us for a no obligation free quote.







Traditional Tuckpointing whereby the “tuck”line is tucked into the un-cured mortar behind.






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