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Brick Tuckpointing & Repointing in Newcastle NSW Australia.

Tuckpointing Newcastle is a specialist tuckpointing and repointing company based in Newcastle NSW. We aim to provide the highest quality workmanship, coupled with great service to our clients.  When your old home’s brickwork is in  need of repair, call us to ensure the brick re-pointing and/or tuckpointing is done to a high standard that will last for years. Mortar in old brick houses is generally lime mortar which will break down over time. When this happens, the mortar can be repaired using a technique commonly known as tuckpointing or re-pointing. If the brickwork on your Newcastle house needs mortar replacement or repairs, you can rely on us to ensure it’s done right the first time.

Repointing (sometimes referred to as pointing) involves removing the old mortar to a depth of 15-20 mm and then replacing it with new off-white mortar which is injected and then tooled off. Once dry it is then lightly acid washed and water pressure cleaned. Tuckpointing involves the same process as repointing (although the colour of the mortar is generally the same colour as the bricks), but once this process is complete, a raised white line is then applied to every horizontal and vertical mortar joint to create the illusion of perfect thin brick joints.The process was originally introduced because prior to the mid 1940’s in Australia, bricks were formed with imperfections and this process creates a visual illusion that makes these brick imperfections disappear.

Tuckpointing or repointing brickwork requires attention to detail. Brickwork restoration done incorrectly by inexperienced tradesmen can cause long term problems. If you require brick tuckpointing or brick repointing or general brickwork restoration to your old brick period house in Newcastle, call us to ensure the highest quality repairs. We have specialised in brickwork and masonry restoration and repairs in the Newcastle and Maitland areas for several years. Ensure at the quotation to ask us for some before and after Tuckpointing and/or repointing example photos to display just how we can revitalise the look of your brick period house.

Within the Newcastle and Maitland areas, we are often asked the main difference between Tuckpointing and Repointing and the benefits of performing one or the other. Apart from simply restoring what was used on the house from new, financial considerations are often taken into account, or the need to conceal faults in the old brickwork. The different processes involved in both Tuckpointing and Repointing can solve different problems, therefore ensure to discuss your concerns with us in detail at the quotation and we can direct you to the best option that will suit your needs.

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